It is possible to win a battle, but it is impossible to win a war until we win the war within ourselves. Why do we embrace negativity and evil more than we embrace positivity? Why do we enjoy murder, mayhem, vanity, greed, lust and envy? Why do we find this so entertaining?

Billions of dollars are made from the Seven Deadly Sins because we embrace and enjoy them. What does that say about you? It says that you love to embrace your negative side. If you like provocative and violent movies and music, then you are the one who embraces negativity and contributes to the madness of glorifying the negative aspect in people. If you are reading this paper, then I am talking to you.

The only way we will win the war against hunger, poverty and oppression is by waging the war against the Seven Deadly Sins within ourselves.

I am not a preacher, nor am I the smartest man in the world. But it seems to me that the Seven Deadly Sins are character traits. Look into yourself and analyze your character and what molded that character. Why do you enjoy negativity? How did you learn to enjoy the gory details of negativity? Why is that negative whisper so loud, long and nagging? Why can’t you hear the positive whispers?

We need to analyze these biblical words so that we will know the literal meaning. We must wage a war against these seven deadly character traits in ourselves and teach what we have learned with every fiber of our being. What’s in your heart shows upon the limbs, and what shows upon the limbs makes a ripple effect in your environment. It is essential to world peace that we learn the consequences of embracing negativity and its outcome.

If you know a person with one of these traits, tell her it is wrong and that she shouldn’t indulge in such negative feelings of the heart. Do not accept these traits within yourselves. We are born into these traits rather than born with them. These traits spread faster than wildfire and touch everything in its path. All the guns, bombs, diseases, picket signs, hunger and poverty will never cease to exist until we, as a whole, wage war against all negative traits. We are losing loved ones because of these seven deadly character traits. We condone or tolerate these seven deadly character traits within our households and then try to blame the government about the situation in the United States.

The government is greedy and we all condone, glorify and accept this. Each individual was raised to be that way, creating this undesirable situation for millions of people around the world because we take negative thinking or feelings within ourselves as jest. A lot of people don’t even know that the way they think is negative. There can never be a cure if the ill don’t know they’re ill. We must let them know that they’re in dire need of spiritual healing because their disease is extremely contagious.

The only vaccine for these seven deadly, contagious character traits is constant supplications, staying in remembrance of God all day. Every day think of a little prayer in your head to God, turn it into a favorite rhythm and say it all day. There is an old saying that you worship what it is you’re thinking about all the time. And that’s how the beautiful world came to this. We have contributed to the situation around the world by embracing negativity in ourselves and in others.

God will not fix the condition of a people until they fix the ills within their hearts and teach it. We all are in this situation deriving from embracing negativity. Therefore, until we as all

of humanity wage war against our negative feelings, we’re just wasting money on wars, money on paper for picket signs and money on building prisons. We need to be investing our money in treating the ills of the heart in ourselves and in our environment such as your household. Your household is the future of this world, and the future of this world is learning from you to tolerate and condone negative thinking.