Stylized phot of "Thank You" written in individual notecards and hung on a clothesline
Photo courtesy of Marco Verch Photography / flickr

I’d like to take the time to thank my Street Sense Media customers for all their help and support. It’s greatly appreciated.

Us vendors have all different types of customers that help support and provide for us in more ways than one.

There’s the customer that doesn’t have much to give but will give what they can just to help out.

There’s the customer that doesn’t have nothing to give but is always pleasant to you.

There’s the Spanish mami that always scrapes up a dollar or two even though she can not read English.

There’s the hustler that gives up twenties because he likes to help others.

The Spanish papi who gives because he just has a big heart for people.

The lady that drops off the bagged lunches to those who need them.

The white dude that gives every cent because he cares about the cause and would like to see homelessness go away.

The older lady that’s on a fixed income. She gives because she knows that we have no income.

The younguns that go into their ashtray and give you all their change.

The father that gives because he’s teaching his kid how to care about others.

The construction workers that pull out each one of their pockets to share a gift to give.

The trucker that sits high up but bends down to give anything he can.

The husband and wife that give because they know they are blessed because they have each other.

The ones that just got paid and want to help someone else.

The one that has paid all their bills and has a few dollars to spare.

The friend that remembers you from school and realizes everybody needs a helping hand sometimes.

The cousins that come through just to make sure you’re doing okay and give also.

The people that see you and hear your voice from across the street as they walk through and just cross over to give.

The ones that are too busy to stop but always come back to give.

The ones that know it’s too hot and drop you off a bottle of ice cold water.

The ones that aren’t too afraid to give pennies because they know that they add up, too. That’s right, we can spend those, too.

The ones that buy the paper because they enjoy reading Street Sense.

The lady that drops off the care packages.

Anyone that I left out or forgot to mention: you too.

I truly thank you. If it wasn’t for you, some of us just would not make it. I know I wouldn’t. Thank you and I love all of you. Till next time, stay safe and stay clean.