First of all, I have sickle cell anemia, which can lead to some intense pain if I’m exposed to the cold for too long. Cold weather narrows the blood vessels in anyone’s extremities. But for someone with sickle cell disorder, this can lead to a painful crisis. It’s important for me to stay warm and dry.

So I layer up, eat right, juice more and take my vitamins. When push comes to shove, I go somewhere and take a heat break.

Going back to Fort Knox, Kentucky, our military gear was wool: hat wool, socks wool. Cotton shirts, cotton pants, cotton coat, leather gloves with wool lining, leather jump boots.

From another, more recent perspective, we sleep on cardboard boxes to block the cold and use blanket after blanket to lock in every ounce of body heat and survive the coldest time of the year.

The warm hearts of you customers is what makes the day worthwhile. Without you all, there’s no me. Thanks for the inspiration and God bless.