I turned 60 on April 7. I’m thankful, focused and humbled. God has stepped in, in life and death situations, for me. When life throws a curve, it could be a test from God. Power also comes from self, and helping in the mission, like Michael J says. 

In life you should have a plan of goal-setting in the short term, mid-range, and long term. Then you act and stick to your plan and your faith should never waiver. Believe in what you are working on and stay the course. Surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart. You have associates, and friends. Your associates are people that’s around for the ride. Friends love you no matter what. Keep your circle small because family will betray you also. Never put your all in people. They will let you down and throw you under the bus. 

Having power can blow your head off. No matter what, stay the course and always do good. Put God first, yourself second, and everybody comes after that. Once again, stay the course, love hard and play fair always. 

I have a new mission: kids cancer and dog rescue, considering my skill level with dogs and passion for the care of them. At present, my girl’s cats give a lot of power, peace, and joy. Their names are Max and Cura. Cats usually are playful, lazy, and scratching stuff up. I look forward to seeing them always. My goal is to get a rescue dog that’s rather young and teachable. Being 60 is a blessed milestone. I live every day to the fullest. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so love yourself and God. Be the best person you can be. 

Thanks for your support and be safe.