A child covering his eyes, fearing the heights.

My Mother Said a few words out of her head.

Sometimes old age and one’s thoughts going everywhere but right there in truth.

My brother and me debating like brothers do on the morning of 10-3-2017, the night before evil doing what evil do.

Another mass shooting, another record is broke. Are we really Trump with bad luck for three years more?

My Mother Said, why are you arguing while people are dying on the bridge?

I asked her if she thought it was so-called radical Islam or another good Christian off his meds, and then My Mother Said, what difference does It make? Why argue while people are dying on the bridge?

The bridge. People are dying on the bridge, so sad sometimes we never make it to the other side, stuck in our sin of vanity. Is it in the music that we sing?

Helping people not die on the bridge is the most important act for human beings.

Thanking you Mama for that truth and your beliefs.

I never asked her about O. J., released in Vegas the other day.

Evil is Evil.

Men shed each other’s blood every day,

We debate day in and day out about who is right or wrong.

Then the Lord will judge us all.

Our common day to see what My Mother Said to me.

To help your brother and wife who may die on the bridge this day and the thought My Mother would say this is the story of the Heroes was made for TV, YouTube for all to see how we help each other across the bridge of understanding.

The Second Amendment of 1791 is not the reality of 2017.

People, please help my people across the bridge.

One life to give, one thought that’s real.

Regulate the bullets; that’s what kills. Let them have their guns and come across the bridge. The only one to fear is the NRA.

I remember My Mother Said, why argue when people are still dying on the bridge?