I am a native Washingtonian and I love my city. Life here has shaped, fashioned, and molded me to become the great man I am. 

Poverty has been a major influence in my  life. At age 12, my mother, my stepfather, my younger brother and I were struggling while living in a one-room apartment in Southeast. To help us survive I decided to sell drugs. I sold marijuana and crack cocaine in our neighborhood. I was a small-time dealer who thought he needed money for new clothes as well as to feed his family. 

Three years later, a car hit me and I was hospitalized for three months. The police officer who witnessed the accident claimed it was my fault. Unfortunately, the female driver had no insurance. She was wrong and should have been incarcerated, but she wasn’t. That’s when I started to dislike authority. That’s also when I realized there’s no true justice in America.