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Emilio Kuffer / Flickr

Hi. I’m deaf. I wanted you to know right away. Now I’m going to tell my true story.

I became homeless in D.C. in 2007. I lived in a shelter for five years. I worked two jobs until spring 2008, but I had to resign from both because my doctor told me my C-3 and C-4 vertebrae were damaged and because my muscles and nervous system were in pain.  

In 2011 my doctor discovered I had breast cancer. I had six body surgeries and one neck surgery in 2012. That summer I moved into an apartment. I am so grateful my doctor noticed my breast cancer in time for me to beat it for the past seven years.

My life has gone through many changes. I joined Deaf Ranch in 2008 for counseling support. My case manager, Laurie Hoopen, does a great job and helps me a lot. She has helped me move into other apartments. I have had a deaf roommate since June 2014. 

I have been on the board and trustee committees for Deaf Ranch for the last several years; I support and help many people that way. I also am so grateful to be back working with Street Sense Media.