The prompt was “the ideal life.”

January 15th is National Hat Day!

Do you have a hat?  If not, why not? C’mon no lame excuses…

Today it’s un-American to go hatless. Shame on you! Okay, all jokes aside, if you don’t know why you should wear a hat, here are five good reasons from an “’ol skool Hatter:”

1.North American winters tend to get frigid.
2 You lose up to 80 percent of your body heat through the top of your head.
3. Hats were the first antidepressants without harmful side effects.
4. Cold winds without proper protection makes for serious bad hair days.
5. Sneezing never, ever, looks cool.

There’s a hat for every personality and every King and Queen should wear a crown! If you don’t think royally of yourself, why would anyone else? With that said, go don your chapeaus and have yourselves a HAPPY HAT DAY!!!