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I used to take two high blood pressure pills. Since eating Dragon Fruit regularly, now I am only taking one blood pressure pill. I had to change some of my diet, such as adding an everyday smoothie. That’s how I found Dragon Fruit, I mix it and other veggies into my smoothies.  

There are few, if any, pretty-looking fruit. I saw a Dragon Fruit while shopping at Whole Foods and have wondered how to eat and cut it ever since. How does it taste? So, one day I decided to buy one.  And I Googled how to cut and eat it.  

Inside of the fruit are tiny black seeds on a background of white. Everything is edible except for the skin. I’ve only seen two different kinds of Dragon Fruit that look different on the outside. But the inside generally looks the same. The red one that looks like a pretty artichoke but doesn’t have much of taste to it at all. Even though many articles states that it tastes like a Kiwi.  

The yellow one is very sweet, and it doesn’t remind me of anything other than a bag of sugar. Both versions of the fruit have a lot of health benefits that I swear by!   

I’ve been eating daily smoothies and my adjusted diet for a year and a half now. My doctor was impressed that I tried Dragon Fruit and noticed my vital signs have improved from my visit the previous year. So, he took me off one of the high blood pressure pills.  

I’m still taking my cholesterol pill, but I’m working on getting off that sucker too. I’ve always been a firm believer that food and herbs are healthier for you than having to take pills all the time.  But, sometimes we just got to have that pill to save our lives and from pain.  

There are a lot of healthy ways to use Dragon Fruit. If you are interested, just do what I did: Google it.  You can eat it by itself or in a meal like salad. Whatever you want to do, remember that you can’t eat the skin!