A photograph of a Navy woman training another in target practice; a service dog is present.
Navy Live

My future is bright! I am grateful for all Street Sense Media has done for me, but I’m ready to push that to the back of my life so I can have room for other blessings.  

I’m at a turning point to greatness, maybe. I know God saved me to do caring things for other people and animals. That’s my calling, and for that I am eternally grateful.  

Putting things in perspective, I have to take the first steps and keep pushing. Ain’t nobody going to love me like me. Other things on my full plate are my PTSD classes, Social Security, employment, then housing. I wouldn’t mind volunteering at the Veterans Administration facility when I get some free time to help the soldiers and dogs. 

By staying prayerful and focusing, I will become a more productive member of society. I want to stay sober, spiritual, loving, and giving — and to put Allah first. As always, God bless and thanks!