A sepia tone picture of President Trump at a podium in front of an American flag.
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I voted for Donald Trump but I’m slowly winding myself off the Trump train. The Scaramucci fiasco was a little too much for me. President Trump said he was a great businessman that knew all the tough negotiators, but ended up firing this guy within ten days.  

Although I’m disappointed, I would probably vote for him again. Sure, he’s incompetent, but he’s not a liberal or Democrat.

I’m not happy with Trump but I would rather die in hell before I would ever align myself with anything liberal. Every time I hear the names Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren I get physically repulsed. Liberalism equals theft. They never met a dollar they didn’t want to confiscate.

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Yes, I’ve been had by Trump, but we had a good time. I miss the Hillary For Prison and Lock Her Up slogans. I enjoyed trolling and getting under liberals’ skin. But it’s painful to say that Trump may be playing us.  

Yes, Trump conned me, but I don’t see anyone beating him in 2020 unless it’s a celebrity. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg or Mark Cuban. I would vote for Oprah, Kanye, Caitlyn or Kid Rock because I hate anything establishment or Washington D.C.   

I still feel an incompetent Trump is way better than any Clinton. If Hillary was elected America would have been put up for sale. We would have been at war with North Korea, Russia and Iran. She would have nominated liberal judges that believe men using women’s bathrooms is natural and normal. America would have been transformed into a hellhole like Germany or Venezuela.   

I despise politicians and political parties. They tell you, you’re a freeloader if you receive public assistance — then someone such as Jason Chaffetz wants housing subsidies to live in Washington, D.C. They talk about free markets and limited government when their lives get subsidized by taxpayers. The kicker is they want to kick everyone off their health care when they get the best healthcare in the world, all subsidized off gullible Trump-lickers who mime everything that man says even though he’s playing them for the gullible huckaboos.   

Now President Trump is trying to push tax cuts for the wealthy and he wants to cut funding for the poor so he can pay for the military. I ask the Trump supporter: whose hide is he gonna take it out of? All these Trump supporters say they’re taxed enough but how are we going to pay for a wall and all the security to toss out immigrants? 

I understand why people have contempt for the left. But can anyone say the Republicans are better? They played dog-whistle politics to get in power and they do nothing but sit on their musty dusties and take vacations all paid by for by the gullible White working class.  

They constantly talk about how Blacks sheepishly vote Democrat but how can White people keep voting for folks like Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell? How’s Kansas, Louisiana and New Jersey working for White people? How have limited government and tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires fared for the White working class? 

Sometimes it’s sad that Trump supporters and Sanders supporters don’t see eye to eye because we probably have more similarities than differences. We both are angry, have chips on our shoulders and are tired of both political parties. We both agree on a social safety net. However, we clash on cultural issues which keep us from getting together and finding common ground.  

I don’t know what the answers are. No matter how many times we vote out the establishment it seems all we get is the establishment. We keep looking for wolves to clean the henhouse and all we get is fat sleazy wolves.  

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