Charcoal Grill
Kat Martinez - Flickr

When I was a student at Strayer University, my teacher asked us to write a paper. I wrote about a Chinese article I had found in our books. Here is a newer version about my favorite springtime foods.

One spring Saturday, my Uncle Willie came to visit. We got up at 8 a.m. Mom put the barbecue ribs in a big pot to cook. Uncle Willie had started the grill. Mom told me to go out and help him. My major job was to turn the charcoal over and make sure the fire didn’t get too high. I also had to watch the food to ensure it didn’t burn. When the charcoal looked as though it might get too hot, I tossed a little water on it. When the food was cooked just right, I took it off the grill.

We sat down to a wonderful meal of chicken, hot dogs, corn on the cob and Mom’s fabulous potato salad and greens. I will never forget eating my favorite foods while spending time with my family!