A photograph of a seafood salad.
[Cipher] / Flickr

I love sea food, like grilled shrimp with smoked bacon and BBQ sauce, sautéed with Old Bay seasoning. It’s good grilled or baked in the oven, along with a tasty seafood salad with lettuce, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and Phillips crabmeat with my favorite Italian dressing or French dressing. Seafood tastes so awesome with a glass of water with cucumber chilled in the freezer too — the taste is very refreshing.

For different flavored water, put orange slices or strawberry slices in water and freeze. This makes very good ice cubes.

My skills come from years of working in the hotel business, working as a cook or mini-chef. I learned all the recipes.

One crowd favorite was always fried or baked crab cakes. Take the shell off and clean the crabs. Put the crab meat in a bowl, add pepper and crab seasoning with shrimp. Mix and bake. Cut the top off a tomato and serve with tuna salad. Refrigerate along with a tasty ginger ale with a slice of fresh lemon. Taste the seafood delight!

Let’s not forget my favorite: potato salad. Cut potatoes up and dice. Boil until the potatoes are soft. Drain and cool, then add basil, diced onions, red pepper, green pepper, lemon pepper and some Thousand Island dressing. You could use ranch dressing or mayo instead, whatever fits your taste buds. Mix and refrigerate for a few hours.

Other deliciously simple seafood dishes are scallops sautéed with melted butter and seasoning; sautéed oysters with oil and butter; baked fish with lemons and Italian seasoning; or the very easy sardines and crackers with pieces of cheese, a slice of pickle and a little mustard.

When you get to dessert, try ice cream with a peppermint stick or whipped cream and strawberries. An ice cream float with my favorite chocolate ice cream and A&W root beer is a delight. Another dish that’s very good is s’mores, with a cinnamon graham cracker, a Hershey bar and a toasted marshmallow.

To everyone: please understand why I have not written about my Dad. I’ve been too depressed but I will be write about him again soon. Thank you for your concern, my father still visits me and greets me with a smile each day.