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Easter means joy. Joy in the resurrection of Jesus, who died so that we may all rise to eternal life in Heaven. And therefore, joy knowing my father is reunited with our loved ones who have passed on, among the angels.  

My family always enjoyed celebrating Easter: the hymns, the beautiful music, and the wonderful food. Easter dinner often included honey-glazed ham with pineapples, greens, string beans, deviled eggs, potato salad and all kinds of drinks and desserts. Mom and Dady were the Easter bunnies, filling our baskets with candy and coloring and dying eggs for a hunt in our yard. They brought us kids such joy. We even had a pet rabbit and a baby chick.  

Our whole family, all the little kids and their parents used to go to the Easter sunrise service at 6 a.m. to say “Halleluiah” to the King. We attended a Baptist church and the choir sounded so good and soulful. Whenever my family went to church, it was exciting. But Easter was the pinnacle of it all.  

So, this year I plan to visit Dad in spirit on Easter morning by watching the beautiful sun rise. I’ll think of him with the angels, smiling and laughing, all in silky Easter gowns. 

I miss you, Dad. So does Mom and Bridgette, Dorian, Darlene, Sean, and Tracey. I miss your joy. Hugs and kisses to you, Dad, from all of us. We will all meet again in Heaven with the beautiful doves and angels. Love, always, and Happy Easter!