Sybil Taylor

My father is doing a whole lot better and he’s looking great. Through prayers and faith and hope and a lot of love from everyone who supports him and my family, we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. He is getting his miracle healing from God and miracle prayer. God has touched him and his body. He is no longer on the pump machine. His doctor said he’s doing very well and doesn’t any longer need it for pain. He is taking pain pills instead, and his pain has eased. He’s not hurting as badly as in the beginning. He is happy. He is even picking up a little weight! He appointed me as his therapist to come each day and give him therapy and strength. I exercise his legs, arms, feet, joints, neck, and breathing in and out. He really enjoys it.

My mother and sister help him on the days I don’t work for him. My mother is doing a beautiful job taking good care of him. My mother and sister get him up around 7:00 a.m., clean him up, bathe him, shave him, clothe him, make his bed, and feed him breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is getting the best home care and the best love from all of us. He is strong and doing very good, smiling, thanking God. He can even lift his legs and arms by himself! He can raise his arms up high. He knows the Lord and the Lord’s powers of healing him from his cancer. He is strong and full of joy and power in his heart to be touched and healed.

Many people live with cancer. Some live for a long time. I think my father will be one of those. His doctors say he will live a very long time. He’s not going nowhere soon. He is very happy and at peace and spiritual about God’s blood and anointing power. He’s staying on top of everything. Thank you everybody who prayed for him and really supported us. God Bless.