Image of a Bible on a table with a stream of light touching both.
MattLake/ Flickr

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is pray, because that is what our father taught us when we were children, all ten of us. As I got older, I started to become closer to God, the way my father taught me.

When I first started selling papers with Street Sense, the thing that came to my mind was I hope that my heart can deal with this, but I never gave up. My father never thought about leaving us after mama died, and he kept his oath faithfully. When I am out there selling my papers for Street Sense, I always think about how strong and faithful my father was.

At one time, it was so cold, I wanted to stop. My feet were so cold and I thought, “how did my father do this?” He did it by faith.

I end my article by saying “Momma, you will always be my strength. And Daddy, you will always be my faith and my wisdom. I will always miss you both. Rest in peace.” May God bless you!