An illustration of an image of God.
Dwight Harris

I love to know 
But when I was 7 years old, I ran the streets 
‘Cause I never got enough to eat 
Ben’s Chili Bowl was the bomb for me  
And when I wanted a little something sweet 
The Hostess CupCake factory down on 7th and S Street 
Where you could get a little something sweet  
from the little store on the side 
Meridian Hill Park was my playground  
I ran from sunup to sundown  
When I would sometimes stay out all night 
And lay back and gaze the stars at night 
To behold my Father’s kingdom of lights 
The summer of ‘68 changed my life 
The first time I saw my mama cry  
Why did the King have to die? 
Them mean White folks took my mama’s King away  
My Mama, the only thing good in my life, even though 
I searched for that man I thought to be my father at night 
In between the marches, Mama had another night  
with the father I never knew to love 
My Grandmother knew who 
But I guess I turned out alright  
I always wanted to be a father to a son  
At some time in my life  
Like the Messiah some call Christ  
It would be another chance to get it right  
But the Lord blessed me with a little girl  
Who means the world to me  
The female child is not like the male, you see  
But only she will give birth to a nation  
You see, like my mama gave birth to me  
My Father, G-O-D, loves me, I believe