Photo of the back of a street sense vendor vest
Jon Howell Photography

For the most part, my customers are thoughtful. They usually smile when we see each other. And if we have missed one another for a while, some will ask me how I have been.

We know very little about the other. But a few have asked me if I have somewhere to stay, and I do. One person asked me if I had enough clothes when the weather began to cool.

Their positive attitude just makes me feel good seeing them. I have some customers who take a few minutes to chat with me. I enjoy their company, and we often end up laughing about something.

On special holidays, some give me a couple of extra dollars. A couple now use the Street Sense Media App and feel it is a convenient way to pay vendors. Recently, two customers each gave me a loaded gift card from a well-known coffee shop. I can get a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

Some say they buy the paper often because they enjoy reading it. I appreciate them and hope God will bless them.