Ken Martin

This has been a year of many honors. Among my most prestigious was the invitation to be in my favorite D.C. Councilmember’s campaign brochure. (She better be my favorite because I live in her ward.) 

As my followers might have noticed, I have some small degree of interest in the betterment of our fair city. My councilmember more than magnifies it. Her dedication to her work is illustrated by her laboring up to and during the initial stages of labor with her daughter “Zoey” last year.

When Ward 1 nearly lost one of the best community health care facilities in the region, she rallied the troops to renovate and reopen it.

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And as champions for the homeless are concerned, we can always find her in the arena. 

When asked whether I would be part of her brochure photo shoot, as neither a morning person nor one for the front of a camera, I knew I had to rise to the occasion.  

Some folks are worthy of re-election and some are not. A few have won my vote; others are unproved, although one of those might merit investigation. Bottom line: Brianne Nadeau has my vote. I believe she has earned yours!