Due to a rent increase, I was not able to keep the apartment I recently acquired at the end of last year (allowing me the opportunity to move out of my group housing situation at the time and live on my own). The Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN) was able to find me a manageable substitute however. Since November 1st of 2011, I have been moved from 2000 Columbia Pike Apt. 4 in Arlington to a newly renovated apartment complex called Taylor Square, also in Arlington.

The transition has had its ups and downs. I’ve kept the same phone number as I had in my old apartment. Unfortunately, now I have to pay for all utilities (Gas, electric, and water). I also had to give up one of my cats, Monty. I was able to keep the good one, Cappy, though. (He doesn’t scratch all of the furniture!) The reason I actually had to give up Monty was that my payee said they could only afford one pet fee for the apartment. The fee was $150/ animal. I had to return Monty to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington so they could find him a good home.

I’m still in the A-SPAN program that connected me with housing, and I’m still working for Street Sense. I’m also still involved with the street soccer team that I started last spring, the Arlington Tigers. Right now we’re taking a winter break, but we plan on getting back on the field starting in February. Sarah Morse, the Volunteer Programs & Special Events Manager with A-SPAN has graciously remained my director of coaches and my PR person, because the team has to be associated with a homeless outreach program to qualify for the national tournament. (Thank you Sarah!)

In the photos, you can see that the apartment was in some sort of a mess. That was because it was the weekend I had moved in, and I hadn’t had a chance to organize everything. I’d like to thank all of the readers of the paper for their support and Street Sense’s support for Cappy and me.