Since the day I was born, I was taught two words that ultimately made a big difference in my adult life. I could not understand it as a child, but my Grandmother knew otherwise. She taught me the ropes early. It didn’t dawn on me until my late 30s that these two words would be the centerpiece of my amazing life travels.
You see, my grandmother was a true entrepreneur and she made it her business to let me know early on that I was following her Amazing Path to Success. I was my grandmother’s favorite grandchild. She took me by the hand and showed me lots and lots of love, almost spoiling me to death. My poor mother. I miss and love her to death, but she was a little jealous of our bond.
The first great word my grandmother taught me was “integrity.” The second was so powerful that it made me smile and have awesome daydreams of wealth beyond my wildest imagination. That word was “entrepreneur.” My mother and father taught me well about working hard and having a great job. They were shining examples of how the middle class achieved success in the 1980s and 1990s. Because of them, I had some of the best jobs that money could buy, but there was something missing.
I actually needed a change and a dramatic shakeup. I realize now, after all those workaholic years, that I was on the wrong path. I’m not saying that working for somebody else was a waste of time, because I really did enjoy the learning process and having earned money to take care of important situations in my life.
But now I know that the almighty God had something else in store for me, waiting to finally be revealed through my Amazing Journey of Failures. I’ve always had integrity, now I am succeeding as an entrepreneur. I finally understand my loving and amazing grandmother.
I love you, grandma. Keep teaching while in heaven. From your favorite grandbaby.