A mother’s day of joy and happiness,
smiles along the way!
Mothers to daughters,
grandmothers to granddaughters,
cats to kittens,
dogs to puppies,
all mother pets to their babies.

A special day of love and kindness!
Mothers are gentle rose petals,
mothers are gentle violets,
mothers are gentle tulips,
a new horizon of glory,
and a bloom of sunshine,
and a ray of beautiful rainbow,
and a beautiful glow of love.

Mother’s Day is shared by family and friends,
to mothers all over the world.
Mothers are presented with a dozen flowers, cards, dinner,
and a shower of love along the way!

We also give love to mothers that are deceased,
their legacy will last forever in our hearts.

So have a happy and wonderful Mother’s Day to all the mothers of the world!