Photo of Al Sharpton signing books in Marcus Garvey Park.
Al Sharpton signing books in Marcus Garvey park. Photo courtesy of Azim Thomas / Wikimedia Commons.

I would say he is in the Top 5 far as doing God’s work all over the world. The best thing about him is his consistency. Wherever there is an injustice done, he’s there, and he makes things happen for the greater good of humanity.

This is not all about Rev. Al Sharpton. Everyone can contribute physically, spiritually and financially. Ask yourself, Have you helped anyone, say, in the last 10 years? If the answer is no, then you have a lot of work to do. If it’s yes, then keep the good work up.

It’s no doubt that Rev. Al Sharpton is going to pull it off. It’s history in the making. God willing I’ll be there. It’s plenty of work for all of us to do. God bless.