The word "mind" is painted on a street.

Sometimes I think about selling out and joining the resistance. It’s lonely not being a Flat Earther. If you don’t have a rabid hatred towards President Trump, then you’re not part of the clique. That’s the price one pays for not following the cool kids. I’m a working-class guy; I have no interest in bourgeois society. Most Washingtonians are snobbish, elitist, and out of touch.

Before I moved to Washington, I regarded myself a Democrat. Although I never voted Republican, I found myself agreeing with them. I believed in compassion but also believed people play a part in their own circumstances. I hated the concept that race precedes everything. There are too many that can’t think outside the realm of government dependency, redistribution of wealth and a living wage. I learned Leftism is anything but liberal and progressive. It’s backward thinking instead of moving beyond protest politics. I had moved on from the sixties. Them people are stuck in the Jim Crow mindset. I’m like Joshua that found Jericho while they’re still wandering in Egypt.

I’m depressed that Martin Luther King’s dream of a colorblind society was unfulfilled by Barack Obama. Many Trump supporters are just as single-minded and extreme as my left-wing counterparts. Both have a “who’s going to take care of me” mindset. Whatever happened to “We Shall Overcome”? My grandfather was the product of the Black migration. He didn’t let bigotry determine his destiny. Instead of whining about the White man he saw America as the land of opportunity. He was proactive and started a church and didn’t march around begging someone for a minimum wage.

I don’t blame Whites being resentful. We went from desegregation to segregation in reverse. Some colleges have all Black dorms and graduations. Then these same people jump up and down because White institutions snub them for Oscars and Grammys. I agree with Whites. I oppose racial quotas, sensitivity training and affirmative action. I believe in merit, not privilege. I don’t want anything I don’t deserve. If I can’t beat someone in the marketplace I don’t deserve to be promoted.

It pains me to be brutally honest, but I’m not the enemy. Self-examination is painful — that’s why so many play the race card. I grew up as a Democrat but I don’t recognize today’s party. It’s after moral purity and no one’s ever pure enough, liberal enough or radical enough for that crowd. If you don’t idolize or worship them, they throw hissy fits and temper tantrums. When someone treats them as human beings, accountable for their own choices rather than victims, then that person becomes the villain.

I’m for assimilation, not integration. Relationships should be done organically rather than forced upon communities. I have nothing against gay folks, Muslims or foreigners, but love and tolerance have their limits. If those that live in gated communities have safeguards and protections for their neighborhoods, why should I be labeled a racist because I want common sense and the rule of law in mine?

It’s not the responsibility of President Trump to help inner cities when Blacks and Hispanics have their own economies that could provide income for their people. The reason why Blacks fail economically is because these self-proclaimed Black leaders and Black pastors don’t build a damn thing! When Whites ran Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Chicago they were booming metropolises with booming factories employing people from all walks of life. The citizens in Baltimore shouldn’t be waiting on Whites to rebuild their cities when they have been running the city for fifty years. Progressivism has failed the poor and there no argument to refute it. The American Left is great at criticizing and tearing things down but have nothing to show for their destruction. Liberals talk a good game but you will starve listening to them.

Liberals hate President Trump because he is cleaning house. He is taking on the old order that many in Washington want to preserve. Living off taxpayer dollars while others bust their ass is no longer acceptable. The bureaucrats in Washington need to put out or get out. Under President Obama, the inmates were running the asylum. Now politics as usual is over, and not just for the left. Republicans need to do their job or we are going to toss them out also. I hope President Trump doesn’t spare the rod on these pampered, spoiled rotten adolescents known as the American Bourgeoisie.

Jeffery McNeil is a columnist and vendor for Street Sense.