Goodness gracious the Lords’ grace is so
spacious, he got me elevated in the body
like a spaceship! Job well done. You deserve
congratulations, pure adoration. He’s a
sensation, thank him for his patience. It’s
great to be in relation to you. Through you
I came through, I came through, thank you!
I show gratitude, and sometimes attitude
like when I’m not in the mood, but not to be
rude because there’s no excuse…what’s the
use of fighting the truth? Let it loose and
watch it produce…like the greenery, green
of tree, green of weed uplifting like the
gifts of divinity leads to prosperity. The
gravity bring it back down to the green of
seed, 360 degrees…what a trip! I’m
gliding on the grace so I won’t slip in the
end, but even if I did I’d be caught up by my
number one friend who saved me from sin!