Front Street in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Photo by Jon Dawson via Flickr

This is a story about my father. His name is Michael Belkosky; he was born on October 6th, 1902. He served his country in two ways. He was in the U. S. Army, and he was a federal police officer here in Washington, D.C. When I was born on January 17th, my dad was 63 years old. My dad I would call a saint because he took care of me until he died about 18 years ago. When I was growing up, we were moving around a lot. We ended up in Ohio. We lived in a city called Cuyahoga Falls. I lived there for about 13 years. People thought my dad was my grandfather when they saw us together.  

Kenneth Belkosky has been a vendor for four months and he loves to listen to police scanners.