Quote: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

We have an abundance of Tough Guys, and if I ever need some new cans of “Whupass” I can find it. But today I’m looking for men of integrity, character, honor, dignity and pride. The kind of men who build villages and maintain and sustain them. Looking for men who pull their pants up and do the same for their neighbors’ hopes. Men who have vision and believe in seeking and working cooperatively toward common goals.

I’ve got to talk to some REAL men with whom I can share the old ways before I die. Men who are thinking, caring, loyal and willing stewards seeking betterment for young, old, infirm or vulnerable fellow community villagers. Where are you? Did I omit the most important traits: brave, humble, courageous, respectable, principled, steadfast and persevering? Those sincere and capable, seeing race as a singularity—HUMAN.

It’s time to stand up, MEN! Hell, it’s long overdue. We are losing generations. We have mothers and babies in the streets. We have ridiculously overpriced housing and maniacal millionaires trying to buy the White House. We are riddled with lost—not misplaced—priorities. Cops are killing the people they are paid to protect. Cultures separate rather than embrace. Drugs are being synthesized to scare voters into approving legalization. Churches admit sinners so saints can be comfortable.

So, MEN: come out, come out, wherever you are.

We need you!

Please don’t be extinct…