Credit: Ken Martin

Finally, a revelation that Metro has grossly inconvenienced the community it “serves!” After 35 years of neglect they decided to repair the rail system, escalators and elevators. And now,, after wrecking weekends for citizens, tourists and more importantly business owners (by negatively affecting the flow of customers, local spending and possibly employment) — Metro authorities announced that what couldn’t have been completed quickly over nights four or five days a week, can’t be accomplished just over weekends either. Delays, some 20 to 30 minutes long, single tracking, misstated announcements, curt statements by disgruntled station managers upset by the behavior of overcharged and disgruntled passengers, and sometimes the outright lies of Metro officials have created an atmosphere of disgust, frustration and lack of trust with those in charge of our lives on a weekly basis. And now we learn the powers that be want to shut down the system to repair it and build another line simultaneously. The greatest single source of (di)stress in this area is no longer the political climate. It’s Metrorail/Metrobus/WMATA! Shall we call it a work in progress (process)?

Ken Martin is a Vendor/Artist for Street Sense. He has a background in community organizing as well as real estate. Ken operates a pop-up hat shop in the District. Learn more at and help him get it started at