a fisheye lense photo of a DC Metro car
m01229 / Flickr

On April 5, I met one of my customers for lunch at Gallery Place, Chinatown. What I saw was unbelievable.

There were 20 – 25 teenagers hanging around like they were still on spring break. They were very loud and disrespectful.  I said to myself, “Where are the police when you really need them?”

The kids were panhandling, smoking cigarettes and playing music on their cell phones. All of them appeared to be 15 or 16 years old. They were supposed to be in school, but there they were at Gallery Place.

And for the people who work there, you can see in their eyes that they don’t like it one bit. A friend of mine who works there said she doesn’t come out for lunch because there are too many teenagers hanging around. We need to help by reporting these kids.

Back in January, about six teenagers assaulted someone. And the charges were dropped. Just think about when summertime comes. You can see the good in some of them, but they don’t make good decisions as a group.