A picture of several handwritten letters
liz west/Flickr

February 20, 2015 was the day my father passed away. At 10:41 a.m. This is in honor and memory of a legend. A soldier who fought for America. A brave father, husband, and grandfather. My father took on a challenge.

He is remembered with high honors and flags and love. This is my family’s first visit to see him at the cemetery. We’ll lay flowers on his grave and shed heartfelt tears of loss. A soldier is gone forever, until one day we will all reunite as one family. This day is hard on us and we thank everybody for their prayers.

A message from my father was sent from heaven:

“Always remember me in your thoughts and dreams. I live in your hearts forever. I fought in the end. I miss everyone. I was not here to share the moment of the first snowfall of 2016. But I am with you in spirit. I am present. I miss shoveling the snow and putting down salt. I miss everybody. I am in heaven, in peace, watching over you all. I left you in my sleep on February. That morning, you heard the singing of the birds praising me on the way home to heaven. I was very sad to leave you all: Hedy, my wife; Dorian, my son; Tracey, my sister-in-law; Sybil, Sean and Bridgette, my three daughters; and Darlene, my granddaughter. I was so sick and very ill. I could not hold on any longer. I was getting very weak. The cancer took over my body. I could no longer fight, no longer speak or eat. But cry and cry. Heaven is my new home away from home. Valentines Day will be sad because I am no with my wife or buying her a box of candy and flowers and a card of love.

“Snow came down on the day I passed and this is my eulogy, my life story. I got the best Army salute from the soldiers who came to the cemetery. The casket was covered with a flag. The last salute, the last horn blown. Everyone that arrived to see me at my funeral, I thank. I was at peace, resting. I reached out to my wife. I love you. I cried so much. It was the last goodbye before my body was buried and I came to my new home. One day, you’ll come and join me. There is a plot for each of you – we will all reunite as one, one day. Here, golden gates sparkle and twinkle. Angels play a golden harp with golden strings and glitter. Beautiful angels dance all day and beautiful birds–some green, some blue, some pink, some yellow–all sparkle and sing beautiful songs all day.