Image saying "Merry Christmas"
Image courtesy of Viscious_Speed / Wikimedia Commons

Merry Christmas and a happy birthday to me at 54 years old. Christmas is a day of joy, peace, love, happiness, and giving and receiving. Love to and from one another! 

I am always grateful to celebrate my birthday on Dec. 25, but this year was a sad Christmas for me and the rest of the family. My brother’s wife passed on Feb. 15, the day after Valentine’s Day, due to blood loss during dialysis. The ambulance was too late to arrive at my brother’s house because it went to the wrong address. Prayers are needed for us. Thank you. 

The saddest day of his life was the day her life ended. She never made it to 50 years old; her birthday was Dec. 4. My brother is dealing with heartache, struggle, pain and sadness this first Christmas without her. I support him, as do many others that care. She was my favorite sister-in-law and I was her favorite also. We all miss her singing Christmas carols.

Every Christmas Eve we always got together. My best friend and her boyfriend, my brother and his wife, Tracye, and I all gathered to see my mom, dad and sister. This has been our tradition for giving and receiving gifts since the early 90’s. Ever since my father passed back in February 2015, it has been very lonely and sad without him. And now, without Tracey too. We’re all still doing the same tradition, but the table is different without Tracey and Dad. 

Also, due to COVID-19, we all have to keep safe, wear our masks, and protect one another during this pandemic. Christmas shopping was different this year, too, with everything online. It seemed like a struggle to even fin a place for kids to meet Santa. Some malls didn’t have one.

I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will get through this COVID-19 together, hopefully with a new vaccine and a better year to come.