Men and women, for what in the world are we trying to be.

So much that is not the message

the Lord breathed his breath into man and created his woman, Eve.

And the angels ask

“Will some have the right not to believe?”

The Lord knows everything.

Men and women think and believe about what is right and what is wrong.

Cain and Abel planted a seed of hate and love

Abraham and many nations came to be.

That the Lord would send his messenger, born a slave

To speak to pharaohs and kings,

To bring his covenant of commandments

Who are the men and woman who believe.

Mary, mother of Christ, is the person

every woman should long to be.

And the Lord said, “man, follow

The Messiah and come on to me.”

The birds sing psalms of beautiful melo­dies,

Messages to men and women who they should be,

One always praising the Lord

And showing love to those little people.

Men and women in need,

Work to be.