Photo of Levester Green working a camera.
Bryan Bello

You know I got your back
when we interact as a pack that’s in black
but when push come to shove
and there’s still no love,
well then you can forget about all of the above!
Acting all in-between,
so now I guess I’ll just hangout in the seams, it seems.
Building up my own team
since they wanna be jealous supreme
cuz they knew this was more than just a dream.
The rest is just new to this
but they can get diss
for not believing in a King!
I persevered through the years until it came into being!
So even if I didn’t achieve it, the effort can still be seen,
like two that there is no denying!
Back at Street Sense pursuing the filming thing
thanks to Bryan. D.C. unifying!
I’m still applying cuz I been trying…
I mean really reeling in, relying!
Hoping to bring this to an end,
like I’m signing!~