The White House in front of a blue sky with a fountain on the property visible.
Cezary p / Wikipedia Commons

My brother David recently came to a convention in D.C. about housing and the expansion of Medicaid. I got to hear him speak in front of the White House about how Medicaid is crucial for people who cannot otherwise afford health care.

His story was about a man he knew as a friend. The man is homeless and hadn’t seen a doctor in years because he didn’t have any money to pay for a visit.

David told his friend that he should be eligible for Medicaid since he is homeless. So, my brother helped his friend sign up for Medicaid at the clinic where he works. His friend received a thorough checkup and learned that he had diabetes. Luckily, it is at a stage that medication can control it.

If David’s friend had waited a little bit longer to see a doctor, he would have had full-blown, out-of-control diabetes. He could have lost a leg or a foot because of it.

I’m proud of my brother. And his speech reaffirmed what I already knew: Medicaid saves lives.