A drawing of a black video camera with a glare on the lens
Photo Courtesy of FreeSVG

I am still so ecstatic about finally being housed, as I take the time to put things in their proper perspectives. I’m getting a chance to reconnect with my poetry audience as well as update my Street Sense readers and supporters.  

Although I did have an audience prior to landing at Street Sense and having a hand in helping develop to Street Sense Media, the key was the much-needed video to go with my audio.  

I think about where I could be in both the instances if I hadn’t felt cheated in my previous endeavors and flipside of the coin, if I hadn’t been boosted and bolstered by Bryan Bello and his cinematography crew.  

Nonetheless, I am thankful for it all and looking forward, for I cannot go back and change a thing in my history. Even if I could, that would still be cheating. I work hard, play hard because I do like to be with my friends. (Not quite the end.)