Actor Chuck Connors wears a cowboy hat and rifle and stares into the camera.
Vennie enjoys watching Chuck Connors movies with her mom. Photo courtesy of pixelbay

I feel great! Today is my six month’s clean date. I’ve made it six months without picking up a drink. It’s been a battle, but I keep up with myself. How? I’ve made sure that I’ve stayed busy and kept someone to talk to at hand.

My cousin George is also in recovery. He’s been clean for four years! He keeps me on speed dial. We talk almost every day and we remind each other about our faults and old behaviors. We also thank God every day for our new beginnings, because without him, it would not be possible. I’m truly staying clean by the grace of God and my blessings through him. You ask, and you shall receive. Trust me, he hears your prayers. He may not come when you want, but he will always be on time.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend Ros not not doing too well with getting out. She stays in the house and she has also relapsed. I tell her all the time to get out and find something to do, because too much time and not being busy can hurt you. I’m always trying to find something to do. Hso thank God for my papers. Anytime I get bored I can go sell papers and meet new people. The bad thing about meeting some people is that some don’t believe this paper saved my life. Some of those people can be really brutal to you. But not me; I pick myself up and keep going. But that’s not just me. Some good, blessed person comes again out of those who have hurt my pride or even my feelings. Here come some special person who might even buy the paper. But even if that person doesn’t, they will just appreciate what I do and how I do it. That person is loving and very kind and understands we have a serious situation here with homeless people and it’s just not going to go away on its own. We all have to pitch in and make this thing evacuate.

My mom Is also still in the picture. I don’t know why I haven’t picked up yet when it comes to her. She’s always nagging: “Vennie, don’t drink Pepsi or Mountain Dew; they’re not good for you. And stop donating plasma, I’m afraid you are going to get sick.” Nag, nag, nag. Sike, just kidding. My mom loves me and she only has my best interests at heart. That’s why I make sure she gets her time in. I’m over there at least three times a week. We talk and watch old movies. Full disclosure: I love The Rifleman, even though it’s an old cowboy show. I just love it. Chuck Connors is so handsome. And, boy, can he handle a rifle!

I still go to my Thursday groups. They’re very interesting. I love to be able to express myself about the things I go through and the challenges I face every day. It’s not easy being in recovery. You see someone with something or another in their hand every day and often more than one. But, I’ve realized I have come this far, so there’s no turning back now. I can go a day without drinking. Hell, I can go days. Ha, ha, even months.

Now i’m looking forward to my one year of being dry, which will be July 22. I ‘m going to celebrate. I might even go to church that day and thank God personally. Just kidding! I thank him every day. Because without him this just couldn’t be possible. I truly believe that.

Before I close I want to say something to substance abusers out there who are really trying but think there’s no hope: Don’t give up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it will truly shine for you if you just believe in yourself.

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