Ron Cogswell/Flickr

Martin Luther King, Jr. was sent by God to show people of all colors how to love one another. He reminded us that hatred is a taught behavior and when it occurs, one’s belief system grows warped. Truth and love always prevail over hate. You treat people as you would be treated yourself.  

Myself, I’m old school. My father whipped me for bullying, teasing or making fun of classmates. But kids today are so disrespectful to their parents, their teachers, their classmates…everybody. I try to be an example of a productive member of society. Most of the time, when I see someone behaving disrespectfully, I’ll say something and give that person the glare of a disapproving parent or grandparent.  

And I know that no matter what your color, your gender, your sexual preference or your race, you deserve love and respect.  

Thank you all for your support. Be blessed and be a blessing to someone else. 

Marcus Green is a Street Sense vendor.