A marijuana plant sits in a bush.
Photo courtesy of flickr

Marijuana, in the past, has affected my employment and housing opportunities when I was using it. I used to call my job and say I’m taking off because I wanted to get high all day long. I would make all kinds of excuses to not show up to work. And, on some jobs I was getting high with my co-worker. I would smoke on lunch breaks and when we were on over time. And it also affected my ability to perform my tasks. As for housing, because of marijuana and alcohol, I became homeless for many years. I used to smoke with my friends early in the morning and I’d have to be at work in the evening time, so eventually I would get fired.
I slept on the streets for years because I liked marijuana and I would stay with all kinds of people that were getting high. I went a long time before I decided to get in a housing program but first I knew I had to stop using drugs.

Ron Smoot is an artist and vendor for Street Sense Media.