A long road

The walk to your home,

The walk to a home.

You gotta walk to some sort of income.

How come we don’t have the funds?

Funds that seem endless, but all over

Everyone says there is not enough of it.

So quick to get into trouble,

How long will important people bottle each other?

Just to make it from one page to another.

Mother’s sons and daughters,

Further too.

Everyone walking to find a home

Some walking with dead logic

Some walking to stop oppression.

The spirit is the only profit.

Labeled a misfit but walking,

Just like you, to gain a line of credit.

Better ye,t the Earth is abundant.

Have you started your walk?

Yet walk together, hand-in-hand.

It’s a long walk to recover lost time and land,

But if we keep walking, it will fulfill the plan.