A picture showing the silhouette of a father and son.
A father and son sit together during the sunset. Photo courtesy of Pixabay

PREVIOUSLY: After learning that his son had gotten in trouble for fighting at school again, Mr. Johnson forced Mac to box up all his electronics and remove them from his room. Mac feels like he’s going nowhere, like his parents are trying to actually help with the problems he’s going through. They had just set down to eat 

During dinner, Mac’s father drilled him about how important education is. 

Mr. Johnson: ….Every battle isn’t won by violence. 

Not listening closely, Mac looks at his plate. He’d devoured the homemade macaroni and cheese, collard greens and fried chicken it used to hold. 

Mac: Thank you for dinner, mom.  

Mrs. Johnson: You are welcome son. Now, back to your room. 

Mac leaves the dinner table but stops and turns after taking a few steps toward the stairs. 

Mac: Mom, Dad, I am sorry.  

Mr. Johnson: You are not sorry, son. That’s what you don’t understand. You are not a sorry child. Not my son, Boy! Go to your room. I’ll be there to talk to you later  

Mac: Yes, sir. 

Mac sits in his room, feeling like the children at school hate him and he is misunderstood by his parents. Looking around his room, all he sees are his books and all he hears is silence. “Damn I can’t even play Monster War Zone or Zombie Apocalypse,” he thinks to himself. 

Mr. Johnson heads up the stairs and knocks on Mac’s door. 


To be continued in episode 3, “Father 2 Son.”