Image courtesy of luizclas / Pexels

I fell in love with the smartest women that I ever met.
She so smart, she bright like the sun and moonlight.
She’s a women, she’s a lady
She’s a mom and daddy’s baby.

She read books, she like sports, we a team, we a force.
I met her in science class, we dissected a frog.
Then we took it to the river, let it float on a log.
Then we filled up a balloon, full of air with a message.
It said, “I love you, Baby.” I hope one day that you get it.

Science was the energy that brought together
That’s why it’s easy to say I love you forever and ever.
We use to watch the stars just to see if they fall.
Then we’d watch our favorite movie, “Love and Basketball.”
Then we turned down the light, made love, and kissed you g’night.

My science her belly, Girl, you so amazing.
They say we having twins, two times the amazement.
We fell in love in church on an Easter Sunday
Think I found your egg on an Easter Monday.

I still got the same egg that I protect with my life
We fell in love, we fell in love,
Then I made you my wife.
Love and Science.