A photograph of a blue ocean wave.

What lured many toward Donald Trump was the sense America wasn’t, what it use to be. Trump talked about how we no longer won in anything! And under Barack Obama there was a sense that our greater days were behind us. 

Now that it’s the halftime mark of Donald Trump presidency, the midterms will be his report card. As of now it looks like the Democrats’ chances of a Blue Wave have been quietly receding.  

Since Trump’s election, the Democrats haven’t run on anything other than identity politics, impeachment, and hating Trump. They banked on buyer’s remorse, but now President Trump is more popular than Obama during this period of his presidency. While Trump isn’t perfect, his presidency hasn’t been a disaster as the experts warned.   

When people whine to me about Donald Trump, liberals fail to realize he bothers them, not me.  

He isn’t stopping me from achieving anything. If you hate Donald Trump that’s your business. You can’t make me hate him. I don’t care how mad and angry you get because Trump was elected, if you don’t like it ‘Hit The Door”  

When they complain about Trump’s “Moral Character” I say, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Democrats don’t have moral ground to stand on when they have abusers such as Bill Clinton. I don’t look at my politicians for moral leadership. I want them to run the country and I think Trump’s doing a good job. That may not be your opinion but in 2020 you can go to the ballot box and vote. That is how Democracy works. If you don’t like how Americans vote, get to steppin’.  

Donald Trump is winning not because of racism but because of the blunders Democrats made.  America was built on ownership. If I buy, grow or pay for it means I am the owner. I shouldn’t have to give a third of my money to the government when Washington has been incapable of spending wisely. I don’t think putting America First is racist. I want America to be number one — not like Canada, Guatemala or Honduras.   

The Democrats haven’t made a case why they should be in the driver’s seat. While the Democrats have doubled down on Sanctuary Cities, Abolishing ICE, and refugees — many Hispanics and African Americans agree with Trump when it comes to building a wall and deporting those that come here illegally. I want my tax dollars helping America’s poor. If you want to save refugees, get yourself a van and put them in your communities. I can barely take care of myself. I don’t have the resources to care for everyone else’s problems.   

It will be interesting what will happen the day after the election if there is no “Blue Wave.” Will Democrats humble themselves or will they continually listen to Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters and several others who have called for incivility and mob rule? How will the base react if George Soros or Mike Bloomberg in 2020 uses his money and influence to push a corporate Democrat over a socialist — such as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren — and Donald Trump wins in a landslide?   

It’s wishful thinking to assume that after the midterms, people will realize their hate has been destructive. My hope is moderate Democrats will get some backbone and drive the radicals out of the Democratic Party.   

Jeffery McNeil is a Street Sense vendor and columnist.