Mitt Romney
Gage Skidmore Flickr

Speaker of the House John Boehner’s recent remarks about Mitt Romney not being a loser because he made a lot of money are deeply revolting, insinuating that those who do not have privileges like Gov. Romney are losers.

This highlights what Republicans think about people who struggle: Losers!

I wonder why Republicans scorn everyone who cannot build an elevator in their garage. This should be a message toward those not sold on re-electing President Obama. Independents, this is what Republicans think of you, loser! The wealthy do not care whether you lose the home they sold you. They just want you to vote for them, so they can pick your pockets just like in 2007.

The myth that financial wealth makes you a winner is oxymoronic. Truth is, the more wealth you accumulate, the more at risk you are of becoming a jerk.

The reason why people do not like Romney is not that he is successful or rich. People dislike Romney because he lets everyone know he is rich. He acts like Thurston Howell III instead of another wealthy man, our current president. Furthermore, no one believes he started from nowhere to amass his fortune. Everyone knows he got his wealth from his father.

I do not envy Romney or the Republicans who hold their nose feigning endorsement. I feel as much pity for him as I do a panhandler asking for change.

People sleeping outside because they have core convictions rather than selling their souls for the trappings of power get my respect. I do not know whether a rich man can go to heaven, but many of them can go to hell.

The 99 percent of us do not castigate wealth. What people detest is those with wealth trying to make the rest of us poor. What irks Americans is seeing rich people who have billions, like the Koch brothers, use their wealth to cut workers’ pensions or use their influence to screw seniors out of their Social Security. What appalls voters is seeing those we elected, such as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Rep. Paul Ryan, prostitute themselves because a wealthy man tells them to.

Boehner shows why Republicans are the party of the out of touch. Buying and selling companies and taking money offshore because you do not want to pay taxes are not admirable traits, they are cowardly. Buying companies and stripping them of their assets, then firing

all their employees without having the guts to do it personally is yellow.

Equating success with wealth is an illusion. There are some who used their wealth to make America a better place like Steve Jobs and the Kennedys, but they seem to be outnumbered

by bastards like the Koch brothers and Grover Norquist.

I hope when Obama gets re-elected, he redistributes wealth by raising Romney’s and his oligarch buddies’ taxes.