Book cover of Looking Out For #1 by Robert Ringer.

There are many books that have had an altering effect on my life. But no non-spiritual material I’ve read over the many years has had the impact of “Looking Out for # 1” by Robert J. Ringer.

Ringer, who is a great example of ANYONE CAN BECOME HOMELESS was a neighbor of Jack Warner of Warner Brothers. He lost his lease and was forced to live in a Ryder truck. From riches to rags and back again. Ringer uses examples from his life experience to remind of things in our own experience that need revisiting with new perspective. With humor, illustrations and hurdles, the author tackes us over life’s obstacles like people, friendship, crusade, family, finances and more. All the while demonstrating that rational selfish produce better results than does the irrational.

I read this book, a best seller in 1977, while it was still on the New York Times Best Seller list in 1981 and during my first year of recovery from alcoholism. Thirty-five years later the book is still relevant and selling and I’m still sober. I’ve recommended this book to the participants of every program I’ve worked and I recommend it very highly to you. Tell me:

“What are you doing today that’s more important than Looking Out for #1? – Robert Ringer