Photo of a long road stretching into the distance.
Photo courtesy of Jon Rawlinson / Wikimedia Commons

I am looking for work. When I first came back to this city, I became discouraged; That was around 20 years ago.  

I was given a list of temporary jobs, but most of the phone numbers were out of service.It was necessary to apply online, but I didn’t realize it was sometimes possible to follow-up online and track employer responses. Many possible jobs slipped through my hands.  

After trying online businesses like Movie Matters (that didn’t take off), I found an opportunity marketing a line of clothes for children to Macy’s and other shops. But the business was out of state and the owner said I didn’t fill out the forms to get the commissions I should have. 

Poems of mine were published after I contacted an organization looking for work as a teacher. They referred me to a poetry group and I was invited to send my poems out of town, but I didn’t go. There was no representation I would get my money for going. Later, I taught adult basic education, part-time, but broke my ankle and had to stop working.  

A couple of months after I was injured, I found out about Street Sense Media and was able to start selling the paper. This experience has added some financial stability to my life, but I do think about getting a regular job and not having to be an independent contractor with no benefits. 

I think I could find a job that pays minimum wage, which is now $15 an hour. I would work full or part time. I’d especially like this type of change if the  work were interesting and had benefits. 

I have talked to three employers and two seemed especially positive. I want to follow through.