A photo of a crafted object

My mother once told me that when I was a child of two she took me to a great march I know I had dreams I still believe that was the start When my people became to me like the stars at night just the beauty of their sight to behold their faces felt so right their smiles said “come into the light” A king’s dream guiding our life to the promised land of the lord the true and faithful living in peace The thought of my child and who she could one day be the love of a mother I could always believe the dream of my brother what we could one day achieve Sometimes life is such a beautiful thing these are the days to live the dream For every soul has a test in life and the forgiveness of another day another chance to get it right and the Lord’s mercy and the promised land to keep in sight All told in a dream 50-plus years and told today O Lord let me dream of the stars and my people’s smiling faces that still shine in the memory of a king’s dream just look this way Would Malcolm shed a tear for the dream delayed? Only the Lord knows the outcome of the stories of the day I won’t lose faith in the dream and yet I pray that the dream could fully be recognized and lived today For my mother who took me to that great march 50-plus years ago I still remember her tears when he was slain Yet the promised land the dream will come from living the lord’s way.