Ears in a line with the word "listen" spelled out above each ear
KY and flickr.com

Listen, you need to pay attention to the words that I’m spittin’   

I hope you listenin 

This my verse, for everybody that need to be heard  

This the voice for all the people, this my spoken word  


What should a man do if he only had one slice of bread?   

Should he eat it, or split it with his family instead?  

A wise women told him to eat it 

He brought his family back a loaf, just what the family needed  

Now that’s a real man, with a real woman that listens and understands  


Life can be wild 

Or life can be crazy simple like a child  

I’m about to get deeper  

Do you listen to the preacher? Let the devil deceive ya?   

I rebuke Satan ‘cause it’s just too much love for all of the hatin’   

I hope you still listening   


My aunty use to tell me,  

“You ain’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out.”   

But she still told me to never doubt   

The world is full of obstacles but anything is possible  


I saw a kid on the news with three published books  

I saw a kid from the hood who grew up around crooks.   

I saw a snake get cleaned up by a rake  

seen a shovel almost touch the devil  


Listen, I saw man with no legs driving   

I saw a man that lost it all with his head up, still smiling  

We don’t play dice we just gamble on life  

We listen to the wrong instead of the right  


Damn Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Mike Tyson, 2Pac and Makveli 

I am blackface but I’m not a n***** 

She said my skin too dark, I told her, “Cry me a river”  

Is Tekashi69 and Michael Cohen snitchin’?   

MAGA hat and a noose, is Jussie Smollett trippin’?   


What a Black History Month  

Remember Rosa Parks when we couldn’t sit in the front? 

Thanks to Martin Luther King, we finally free  

Not free enough for you, but free enough for me  


Listen, what if the world just stop,  

No more peace, no more love and hip-hop?  

What if the world stop turning,  

No more learning as the world keeps burning?  


What if the sun stop shining, the moon stop glowing?  

Now everybody’s frozen 

What if the world just stop,   

No more peace, no more love and hip-hop?  


Pay attention