Photo of a Black Lives Matter protest
Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2015. Photo courtesy of Fibonacci Blue / Wikimedia Commons.

This summer of protests along with the heat,

the cry of “Black Lives Matter” 

to the police working their beats. 

How many times must a Black man die unjustifiably 

before justice being denied will be no more? 

Lies, lies, lies right before our eyes, being told

to those who hunger for justice 

and a piece of the American Dream. 

What does that really mean, 

for a Black man or woman with nowhere to go, 

no place to call home?

Homeless in America. 

“Do Black homes matter too?”

 Is the question I will put to you. 

In this summer of protest 

if we don’t remember anything else in 2020 

Black men were set free. 

My life must matter to me. 

Us Black men can no longer kill each other in the streets. 

I hear the sounds of babies cry out in pain. 

This world will never be the same for me. 

My brother to love, my mother who died from COVID-19 

and took a big piece of my heart, 

how do I start to love again, to live again, 

make America great again? 

Somebody tell me God’s not a liar again. 

Why oh why, life in protest.

Again just another lie he told you. 

He would make you great again. 

Time to laugh at life’s protest again 

even when you only laugh to keep from crying.

 My people are dying in the street again and again

Life’s protest in the end, 

is there forgiveness?