A black and white mural depicting Duke Ellington perfomring
The Duke Ellington mural on Kennedy St. NW, near where Jemel lives. Photo courtesy of Mike Maguire / Flickr.

I try to stay peaceful as a neighbor and enjoy entertainment in my apartment in the Kennedy Street NW area of Washington D.C. 

There are a lot of stores in my neighborhood within walking distance. Two Chinese restaurants, three liquor stores, a Walmart for major food shopping, a breakfast place and two Spanish lounges that sell food within a 10-block radius. Like other neighborhoods there are many apartment complexes owned by different landlords. There are two gas stations in my neighborhood that stay open 24 hours that sell snacks. I find that strange in a good way. There is also a dollar store. Dollar Store?

There are four different bus routes. The neighborhood is very convenient to travel from the 70 bus, is close to Silver Spring from there and Gallery Place metro stations and the E-4 E-2 to Fort Totten metro stations and Friendship Heights area. 

Jemel Fleming is an artist and vendor with Street Sense.