Picture of Eve
Dante Gabriel Rossetti/wikipedia

A boy said, “It was cruel and unjust, a punishing thing for Eve to have been taken out of Adam’s side.” I guess I feel like Eve because of the many parents who seem to be leaving me with many bargains and putting of money down on the table.

I can use none of them. So I am naked a lot because of this. And am like Eve, I feel, when out in the sheets. People say, “Well, what have you got to show me?” “What can I have from you for this on that little amount of money?”

That is why I have very little today. Me and my money are not flowing like a river. And, therefore, I have to ask a lot of times for things. It’s like having lots of husbands. Adam, Eve’s husband, was her husbandman or keeper of husbands. Whoredom would take this away. But does whoredom go with the river? I know it came from the tree. They are trying to make it so whoredom will go with the river. But they won’t have bargains to make it so, I will have bargains and therefore will not act like a whore.

When I consider then, why it has been so hard for me, I often consider that I come from bargains. Bargains are hard to come by these days. I get to keep them, the bargains and bargaining, because I kept eating the fruit of trees (NOT THE FAMED TREE OF LIFE FRUIT). They wanted Eve to be fatherless. I believe that Eve might have been a hard women who could fight too hard and good for anyone’s taste. I believe that Eve was very sweet and kind.

So what is sin to me? It is a bargain and it is strange. Because, say some clowns, “no original sin to keep you going anymore to me.” But, I believe I still have the right to keep my life going because of it.

If I were to be anything concerning the river, I would be, like the Bible says, “planted like a tree and my life flowing like a river,” in Psalms or Proverbs.

What does this mean? It means no strangeness and no bargains. You are being treated strangely if you are homeless and poor. What should you do? You should keep the strangeness. Do what you are told to do and work, study, and play.

The original sin means that Eve could not be loving or sweet. That, deep inside, she was mean and unkind. She wanted to find another way to continue on and she did not want God, Himself. Why did she not want

Him? Because He was, in her mind, good to her, and she could not be good (acting).

I am trying to find another way. People often find me and I help them. The other way for me would be to avoid whoredom with reproductivity. And instead live life on bargains and skip the tempting river with its life of ease and comfort.

Revolutionariness and teetotaling are the driving force behind some companies today. It’s become a river. But some, including me, say that the Lord, Himself, the one almighty and life giver will admit that these river-like ways are wrong and justice will prevail, with the devil being called devilish, and a high “moral indemnity of the spirit, mind, and body that he was born with.”

So IF you are being taken advantage of and are being beaten, kept down and oppressed, remember that the law says you can fight back and win. An old lawyer, Ralph, said “Don’t give into bargains.”

But I say, mull over it using a few pieces of good sweet fruit. Even “sometimes” fruit is called fun.